“Let’s not look for silver linings, or send our wishes to the stars.

For there is danger in our pining, and we are safer where we are.” –L. Leav


Update: still waiting on the results of our 3 embryos. Had a 45 minute phone conversation with our physician last Friday…as always, there are more questions than answers. Our fertility center is associated with a school of medicine and my chart is currently being reviewed by their head of embryology to see if they have any insight as to why so many failed. If any of our embryos are healthy my physician told me he is not comfortable transferring until I have a hysteroscopy…so I have that to look forward to… OR…if we do not have any healthy embryos my physician wants to change our stim cycle protocol (these past 2 cycles we’ve trigger with Lupron, he would switch to an HCG trigger)…I try to focus on being thankful that we have options, (no one is saying give up, no one is saying we cannot have a baby) but these past couple of days have been difficult. One upside, the author of the quote above is someone I follow on Instagram and she posted this particular poem this morning…it’s always encouraging when I read something that speaks to my soul, as if I’m not the only person in the world who feels the way I feel right now. I’ll take the tiny wins these days my friends.


2 thoughts on “WordsWednesday

  1. dubliner in deutschland says:

    I understand, I can imagine how frustrated and anxious you must be feeling now. The fact that your doctor is talking about different options and has a plan is all good news though as you say. If you haven’t had a hysteroscopy before it probably is worth doing. In which case you could ask your doctor whether it would make sense to get a scratch done and check for endometritis at the same time. Good luck!


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