“That’s a pretty good problem to have”

I’ve been in a rut lately…not the crawl into bed and cry for hours while watching the scene where Bailey and Mandy Moore try (and fail) to say Dr. Percy in Greys Anatomy (don’t know the scene?!…saddest one ever)…not that kind of rut. Just a feeling not quite like myself, probably going to cry in the shower, take a break from blogging and not want to see friend’s kind of rut. It’s probably the holidays, possibly hormones, definitely just our life right now. It’s a normal rut, one I’ve been in before, one I’ll be out of eventually.

But, then last week I had an interesting experience. An old classmate reached out to me after reading my blog just to send some positive vibes my way. A co-worker mentioned how much better I look (aka I don’t always have terrible bags under my eyes) since starting my new job. I worked out for the first time (in a long time) and didn’t feel like I was going to die.  And then a friend said something to me in a text message that really hit home… she wrote “You’ve got so many peeps that love and care about you. That’s a pretty good problem to have.” (All her words, including ‘peeps’)

*Insert me…getting the hell out of my rut*

See, sometimes I think we all just need to be reminded people care about us. We need to be reminded that even if we’re not that impressed with the calls being made in this game of life: we still have a pretty strong cheering section. And sometimes we simply need to remind ourselves that life can be pretty crappy sometimes, but we cannot spend all our energy staring at that crap…we (okay, mostly ME) need to look past the garbage.

I needed that rut reality check. I needed someone to remind me that yeah: some truly awful things have come my way lately. It’s okay to cry on our Warriors due date (and multiple days after), it’s okay for the green jealousy monster to sit on my shoulder while I scroll through my Facebook newsfeed (soooo many babies!), it’s okay to spend an entire day off watching Hallmark Channel (the Christmas movies are everything). But if I stay down there, in my woe is me rut, I might miss this amazing life I have.


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