Why Hallmark makes me happy…

I have a confession…. I’m a closet Hallmark Channel original movie fan…and by fan I mean I’m borderline obsessed with them. There’s just something about watching a movie so utterly predictable, where you know the good guy (gal) is going to win, the restaurant is going to be saved, the play is going to be perfect…etc. etc. etc….that makes me so happy. I love the big romantic gestures, the long-winded speeches and the highly anticipated first kiss. I’m a sucker for a happy ending.

The other night I was sitting down, indulging in a movie as Dan worked on his Fantasy Football League (or Draft Kings…whatever it is he does) when a friend text me “Hallmark Channel on a Saturday night! Welcome to life at (practically) 30!”…My response “This is awkward…” and a screen shot that I was also watching the same channel. We text back and forth (for longer than is probably socially acceptable for two educated adults to discuss a Hallmark movie) and both ended with the same sentiments… they just make you feel good. And I think the point for her…for me…for everyone else who loses themselves in something so completely senseless is sometimes we just need to feel good.

Why? Because life is hard.

I mean, it’s a lot harder than I ever thought it was going to be.

Growing up you don’t plan on infertility…or job loss…or divorce…or finding yourself 30 and wondering when you stop trying to get ahead in your career and start trying to get ahead in your life…(or whatever your struggles are). You plan on life working out the way you dreamed it would at 15. You plan on basically being a real-life Hallmark original movie, but instead you find yourself confused, disappointed and wondering what the heck happened to the life you planned on.

And for me, it’s nice to take two hours to remind myself people do get their happy ending. Sure, it’s predictable and utter nonsense 90% of the time…but what do I care? (I don’t need to be reminded life can really stink sometimes… I live that truth!) I like seeing people end up content. I like seeing people struggle and finally get everything they wanted. I like watching someone (even 1 dimensional characters) have their dreams come true. I like being reminded it happens…

I think we all like being reminded it happens. I think that’s why my friend and I were both immersed in Mina & Clays love story on Saturday night. I think that’s why adults still read YA series or re-watch 13 Going on 30 for the 100th time on Netflix… because regardless of how old we are or how hard our life is…we like being reminded happy endings exist. We like being reminded people do have their dreams come true. We like being reminded that someday, we may end up happy too.

…and personally, I enjoy taking two hours off from coordinating the next 6 months of my life around IVF, our new house and my job change (because life isn’t hard enough, I’ve decided to take on a new job too!)…and focus instead on what an idiot Danny is, because Laurel obviously loved him too. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, I encourage you to try it too… a ridiculous movie might be exactly what you need!



2 thoughts on “Why Hallmark makes me happy…

  1. The EcoFeminist says:

    Haha I guess my marathon watching “Shameless” is the opposite of Hallmark Channel 🙂

    But I own “13 Going on 30″…it came out when I was 30 and I swear I had that same geeky purple sweater that Jennifer’s character had as a girl (and the braces and the bitches who pretended to be my friends in middle school…but never made it into the clique)…and Mark Ruffalo, ahhh dreamy..


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